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Photo Sessions.

  • 2 hours
  • 350 US dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

Boudoir Photo Experience This photographic experience is conducted for an individual or couple who want to have their sensual and intimate moments captured either by photography or videography. It’s for people who want to simply see themselves in a sexier or adventurous manner. Or for those people who need the erotic and unabashed free energy of them selves captured in safe, creative and professional manner. Photo sessions start at 225 PhotoShoot * All media(photographs and videos) are captured and record with the iPhone**13 Max Plus currently** * Arrive to shoot sober. With the nature of subject matter, consent is paramount. Being under the influence in any way diminishes a person’s ability to make clear and conscious choices. * Take all direction for posing, body placement and wardrobe place from me. This promotes a more cohesive feel and look. * Media transfers is via the following methods: a. Airdrop sent directly from my phone to clients. b. WhatsApp c. SD card (client is responsible for providing the card) d. GoogleDrive * Escorts are allowed to attend photo sessions. Please notify me if you’re going to have someone accompany you. *PLEASE NOTE: Photo sessions are for the purpose of capturing Boudoir and/or Intimate Macrame in an AFROEROTIC manner. This is not the time or space to turn the session into a class. I reserve the right to end the shoot if I feel this is happening.

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